How Do I Look After Them?

You look after Hair Extensions the same as you would do long hair that you grew yourself. If you have never been able to grow your hair long before it is probably because you are killing it just as quickly as it grows. Here are a few tips:

1. Wash, condition and MOISTURIZE (very important) your hair every 2 - 3 days. The extensions do not receive your natural scalp oils and so need to have moisture added every wash. If you don't moisturize your hair extensions they will become brittle and break easily leading to split and ratty ends. We recommend a good moisturizer for Hair Extensions.

2. Treat them with respect. They will not grow back if you yank at them with a brush, burn them with the blow dryer, and kill them with chemicals. Be nice to them - they cost a lot of money so make sure you get your money's worth.

3. Always brush out all knots before you wash your hair, swim, or sleep. Start at the bottom and work your way up slowly using a paddle brush.

4. Make sure you wash in between the strands to keep your scalp clean and free of bacteria.

What Happens Next?

Every 8-12 weeks (average) your own hair will have grown about 1 to 1 1/2 inches and the strands will still be intact. At this time you will need to return to your Extensions Artist for a maintenance and have the strands removed and put back higher on the hair shaft. The strands are then undone and redone back against your scalp. You look beautiful again. The hair can be re-used for many months.

How long can my extensions be?

You can have any length you want up to about 26". The best looking hair extensions for average height women are usually around 22" or less. Our most popular length is 18" which is to your bra line.

Can I wear my hair up?

Sure, the Extensions should not be applied any lower than the base of your scalp (about even with the middle of your ears) and so your hair under this point covers the extensions while you wear it in pigtails, ponytails, french twists, french braids etc.

Does it hurt? Will it pull my hair out?

No. The Extensions artist will put the tracks firmly but comfortably. The tension should be even all over your head with no points pulling or hurting. You will know you have something on your head for the first day or two but after that you won't even feel that they are there.

What about my re-growth. I'm a natural brunette but want blonde extensions.

The colorist just has to work around the extensions. This makes your color cheaper because effectively you only color the crown and hairline. It also means that the hair in the braid remains virgin and when you eventually have the extensions off your own hair is in brilliant condition.

Will people be able to tell that I'm wearing extensions?

The majority of my clients want the most subtle, invisible look possible, and I am happy to accommodate-if you go from very short hair (5 inches or less) than obviously those close to you will know something is up. However, anyone who has never met you will not be able to see that the extensions are not your very own hair.

My hair has highlights in, Can you match them? Can I continue to get my highlights done?

Yes. I tend to use color blends with hair, especially with light browns and blondes-the very top of your hair will not have extensions on, so we generally match the color you have at the nape of your neck, and I can match the streaks if you like. Your colorist simply works around the extensions to re-color.

Can I bathe, shower, swim, go out in the wind and rain, and play sports with my new extensions?

Your new hair will look as fabulous wet as real hair does, and the extension will not show in water. You can wash and style your extensions exactly as you would your own hair (do be a little gentler). Extensive water exposure will loosen bonding though-so dry carefully after. If you swim a lot, I recommend you wear a swim cap.

Can I use a hairdryer, hot rollers, hot sticks, tongs and other styling equipment?

Yes. You can use all of the above since I only use real human hair.